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Airing weekly on Twitch and YouTube, DIS-Tracks is a live beat-battle show hosted by Billy Davis whereby viewers have two hours to flip a sample provided by guest music producer judges. EXPLORE DIS-TRACKS

Weekly YouTube show featuring guests from fashion, art, music and gaming corners of the internet. Hosts Billy Davis and Sam Peckett come together to respond to a world gone mad, play games, react to content, and sometimes do arts and crafts.A variety show connecting gaming, music, and culture. Each week our hosts Billy Davis and Sam Peckett are joined by high profile guests to respond to the week in a world gone mad. Digital culture, gaming, news, art, music, style. EXPLORE DIS-LAB

Idents are short sequences played on TV programs used to identify to the viewer what channel they’re watching, usually used as buffers between shows and commercials.A dissident is a person who actively defy’s convention, a freethinker, a nonconformist, an outsider.A DIS-Ident is a ten second film or animation played on DIS’s social media platforms featuring both established and up-and-coming artists’ interpretation of the brand and prompt ‘reality is over’. EXPLORE DIS-IDENTS

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