Melbourne, 15 June, 2020 - Up will be partnering with DIS on a YouTube variety and talk show hosted by DIS’s co-founders - neo-soul artist Billy Davis and esports org co-founder Sam Peckett. 

Up, Australia’s highest-rated banking app, has partnered with new content and apparel brand DIS to produce a regular YouTube-based variety show called DIS-Lab - a show that connects gaming with culture, featuring prominent guests in the gaming, art and music scene reacting to a “world gone mad.” The show was launched on May 17th and so far has guest-starred musicians DJ Spell, Beluga and Pania as well as artist Aki Yaguchi

The partnership will begin with the launch of their next episode on June 22nd, which will feature prominent YouTube creator and gaming influencer Crayator as a guest. Up is a banking app that's helping young Aussies to feel good about money. With over 500,000 customers, no lending to fossil fuel projects, local in-app support and a suite of gamified savings tools Up has changed the banking game. 

Up's move into gaming adjacent content mirrors their recent push to gamify savings in a digitally based economy. Their recent Save Up 1000 in-app game helps first-time savers or people that have never felt they could save before embed savings habits in their daily lives. Additionally, 2Up -  Up’s version of joint accounts, is all about fighting finances with your player 2. These tools, along with the socialisation of payments with GIFs, emojis and chats represent Up’s commitment to bringing the joy of gaming into the world of finance. 

Up’s partnership with DIS is also the latest of several projects intended to support creatives and modern artistic works. Up recently partnered with RISING: Melbourne - an art, music, and performance festival on an activation. 

This partnership represents Up’s first major foray into YouTube content sponsorship.

When asked why they chose to partner with DIS, Pete Johnson, Head of Brand/Creative Director at Up, stated: “We’ve been speaking with the DIS crew over the last two years and respect the team’s approach to gaming, creativity and authenticity. We’ve always had gaming, music and taking it easy at the heart of our brand, so we’re stoked to help DIS bring some of their concepts to life and look forward to providing fun, feel-good content to Upsiders and the broader public.”  

DIS-Lab is hosted by Billy Davis who is most known as a Melbourne-based music producer, artist and director - working with world-renowned artists like BROCKHAMPTON, Tones & I, PJ Morton, Denzel Curry and Amy Shark. His co-host is Sam Peckett (known as “Peckett”), an influential gaming content creator and one of the co-founders of Melbourne-based esports organisation, ORDER. 


“The partnership with Up is such a natural choice for DIS as we both stand for creators. DIS was formed to both showcase and empower the creators we love, it's built into our DNA, so it’s fantastic to find another brand who shares that value with us and believes in what we're trying to achieve,” said Luke Danzig, Creative Producer for DIS-Lab. 

Billy Davis and Peckett met in 2021 and have since cofounded DIS -  a space to “tap out from reality.” The two connected over their love of art, music, gaming and fashion - and wanted to create a brand to platform creators. Their flagship series DIS-Lab is where they react to niche culture content and engage in a series of off-kilter segments with that week’s guest.

About, DIS-lab, Billy said: “Peck and I sitting down at a table, getting random guests who have to endure whatever comes out of our brains. Who knows what it could be? Could be absolutely ridiculous, but it will always be a good time.”

Peckett added: “We both bring different kinds of people together to discuss a world gone mad and react to things or complete activities catered completely for the guest. It’s a really fun project that everyone at DIS has their hand in, and I think it’s a good way to showcase what the team can do.” 

The first DIS-Lab episode featuring Up will guest star Crayator and be released on YouTube on June 22nd. New episodes will drop on the DIS Studios YouTube Channel every Wednesday.  

About DIS 

The DIS brand was dreamt up by Billy and Peckett back in 2021. The world was getting pretty heavy, and they needed a space to tap out from reality. Both raised by the internet, they wanted to connect their love of gaming with their passions for style, art and music. DIS was born from the cracks in a world gone mad.

DIS produces gaming, music and culture-driven content that showcases world-renowned artists and creators. Two shows have been developed so far; DIS-Lab, a weekly YouTube variety show, and DIS-Tracks, a weekly sample flipping competition on Twitch and YouTube.

Read more about the inception of DIS here.

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About Up

Up is made in Melbourne by a passionate team of engineers, designers and dreamers. When your money is held in Up’s Savers, it’s not only super-organised, it’s helping finance community-owned, renewable energy projects — not fossil fuel projects or coal seam gas. 

We’re half a million Upsiders strong but still laser-focused on building the best digital banking experience on earth. And we still won’t let you win at Mario Kart.

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