Fake NFT Protestors

Going viral on TikTok earlier this week, the Christian NFT Protestors caused a lot of confusion across the internet, with people not really being sure what (if anything) caused the protest. In an interview with AdAge, it was revealed by Bobby Kim that it was a stunt to promote the pop-up for his brand, The Hundreds. The fabricated protest was said to provide some lightheartedness to the current turbulent nature of the crypto market.


Beyoncé releases Break My Soul

Providing a taste of what's to come from her seventh studio album, Renaissance, Beyoncé released her first single from the project this week: Break My Soul. The track is a throwback to 90s house music, making reference to hits from Crystal Waters, Ultra Naté, and other vocal house music of that era. Acknowledging the struggles people have gone through over the last few years, the track is an attempt to uplift listeners, bringing fun and life back into the world.


Lights Are Off - Subway Rats

Claiming to bring nightmares to life using 3D animation, LIGHTS ARE OFF is an animation project run by founder Harriman Donovan. They are mainly known on TikTok for creating online, computer animated horror short form videos, featuring frequent imagery of rats, skeletons, mutated human-like figures, and many more. Mixing the creepy visuals with eerie sound design, each final product is unique and no doubt disturbing.


Scottie Cameron for Nike Kids

Scottie Cameron (@scottie_cameron on Instagram) is a Los Angeles based director, writer and photographer that constantly blurs the lines between reality and surrealism. His project for Nike Kids mixes together a variety of art-making mediums, showcasing soft sculpture, stop motion animation, set design and more. The world he created for the shoot is bright, colourful, evoking feelings of joy when observing the final imagery.


Crispin Serna Helmet Slide

Venezuelan content creator Crispin Serna (@crispinserna on Instagram) went viral this week with a reel of him crossing the street on his head. Checking for oncoming traffic before deciding to slide across, Serna gets a running start to his crossing, propelling himself forward onto his helmet covered head, spinning around to land on the opposite sidewalk safely. We don't recommend you try this at home.


Molly Melican Ceramic Sculpture

Molly Melican (@ginklet on Instagram) is an Australian ceramics artist who's work commonly showcases brightly coloured distorted faces and monsters with exaggerated features. Without any direct inspiration behind her style specifically, in an interview with Fourline Design, Melican states that she gets "easily bored with ‘perfect’ and ‘beautiful’ things, and have always been much more drawn to imperfection and ‘ugliness’" as it feels more real to her.


Crocs x Smiley Collaboration

Reuniting for another collaboration, Crocs and SmileyWorld have joined forces yet again to release 3 variations of the Classic 2022 Smiley Clog. Being covered all in all kinds of happy, each pair of clogs come with two over-sized jibbitz and are covered in an array of faces painted all over the shoe.