Microsoft ends support for Internet Explorer

After almost 26 years of helping people download Google Chrome, Microsoft has decided to retire and stop supporting Internet Explorer. Being many people's initial gateway to the internet, the browser was infamously known for its 'speedy' loading time and 'easy' user experience. If users are still actively trying to use the browser, they will instead be redirected via a pop up to continue surfing the internet using Microsoft Edge.


Alexander Unger Claymation

Alexander Unger (@guldies on Instagram) is a Swedish sculptor that is most known for his Trixter Boi character. Quite often, Unger brings their sculptural creations to life through the use of claymation and sound effects. Although segmented into three parts, their latest animated project Dewdrops was made by mixing JOVI and Fimo plasticine together, and captured using the program Dragonframe.


Netflix Announces Squid Game Reality Show

Netflix announced this week that in response to Squid Game becoming the platform's most successful show of all time, a Squid Game reality show is now in the works. Staying close to the original concept of the show, the project will see 456 contestants compete for 4.56 million dollars, making it the largest cast and prize money reality TV has ever seen.


Fallout 5 Announced

In a discussion with IGN, director and executive producer at Bethesda Game Studios, Todd Howard, confirmed the rumours that there will be a fifth instalment to the Fallout series. The lengthy wait for the next addition to the series has largely been due to the massive games the company has been releasing. Although there is no official release date for the game as of now, it's release is set to follow Elder Scrolls 6, which is currently in the pre-production stages. 


Capybara Hair Cut

Over the last few months (depending on individual algorithms), capybaras have seemingly been showing up in every corner of the internet. Koh Ewe wrote an article for VICE diving deep into the capybaras rise to internet adoration, where they attribute the animal's viral success to its physical uniqueness and perceived politeness.


Steve Lacy Announces Mercury

After two years with no new music, Steve Lacy finally announced his latest project on Instagram: Mercury. The song was first leaked by the artist himself at Kilby Block Party, an annual festival in Salt Lake City, about a month ago, but didn't disclose the name of the song until this past Wednesday. With the debut of the song, a music video will be released alongside it, allowing all of those within the Steve Lacy fan club to indulge in his latest venture.


Steven Baltay 3D Animation

Exploring 3D animation, Steven Baltay (@realimposter on Instagram) is an artist based in Seattle, Washington. Their work is mostly surrealistic, exploring how much they can distort organic forms to evoke a mixture of emotions and reactions out of their audience. Their creations are often created in a loop, allowing the viewers to lose themselves in the artwork and interesting sound design.