Lightbulb Mouth Kirby

Being released back in March of this year, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the latest gaming edition to the Kirby franchise. On their US account, Nintendo shared a short video of Kirby swallowing a lightbulb in front of a Waddle Dee. Purely meant for humour purposes, followers of the account were quick to comment on the true extent of Kirby's capabilities, questioning whether 'Kirby is an infinite source of energy'.


Jonathan Puc Childish Gambino Cover 

Melbourne based website developer and 3D artist, Jonathan Puc (@jonathanpuc on Instagram), remade Childish Gambino's cover of Because the Internet in his own signature style, using highly saturated colour mixed with chrome textures. In the caption of their post, Puc explains in their recreation of the iconic image, they reused one of their previous artworks, Mirage, as the pattern on the Hawaiian shirt.


Salomon x K'ar L'Art De Automobile

Coming together to release two unique colour-ways for the ACS Pro Advanced, Salomon and K'ar L'Art De Automobile produced two pairs of archetypal, technical footwear with a modernised functional upgrades. The design of the shoes reference the now iconic Kar L’Art de L’Automobile branding, but have also provided an update to the construction of the shoes, being suitable for either motor sports or hiking.


Gucci Pets

Referencing the House's signature codes, the Gucci Pet Collection is the latest endeavour of the Italian heritage brand, aiming to infuse the everyday with a magical aura - especially for our furry friends. As described on the Gucci website, 'the pieces allow each animal's personality to shine as an ode to the Creative Director's vision of individuality'.


Spotify Adds Karaoke Feature

Beginning to roll-out their latest feature this week, Spotify has finally added a karaoke feature to the platform, allowing users to sing along to their favourite songs with the lyrics on screen. This feature will be staggered in its release, meaning not everyone will be able to access it at once, but the function also provides users with a score card at the end of the song, rating their singing skills.


Kendrick Lamar at Glastonbury

Despite wearing the piece since his latest album was released back in May of this year, Kendrick Lamar has received a lot of media attention due to wearing a custom Tiffany & Co. crown of thorns at Glastonbury Festival earlier this week. Being hand-crafted by four artisans over the course of ten months, the headpiece was used as a way to condemn the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court.


Julia Schimautz Animation

Austrian graphic designer and printmaker, Julia Schimautz (@juliakatarzyna_ on Instagram), approaches their work in a way that focuses on nostalgia, embracing the imperfections of printmaking, allowing the process to become something of its own, always making for a unique end product. They are driven by exploration and experimentation, using bold colours and distinctive techniques that makes their style uniquely their own.