Cheryl Teo Matchbox Swimmers

Cheryl Teo (@captain.lulo on Instagram) is a Singaporian artist who specialises in hand-crafted creative content, creating playful paper sculptures and tactile illustrations for commercial, photo illustration and installation work. Teo founded Lulo Paper Studio - a creative design studio that focuses on creating short-form, hand crafted content aiming to bring delight to people's days, encouraging everyone to play and explore using everyday materials.


Pokémon Trading Card Reality Show

Earlier this week, it was announced that casting for an "unscripted series involving the Pokémon TCG" has been opened for auditions in the greater Los Angeles area. Despite not much more information than that being available at the moment, players at all levels are encouraged to submit their own experiences with the franchises' card game via email, for what appears to be an opportunity to develop or hone in on their skills.


Canyaon Custom Shoes

Gaining popularity on Instagram from their wild shoe customisations, Canyaon (on Instagram) is a musician and artist based out of Russia. Despite some of the designs being a lot more out there than people are used to, their creations went viral online due to the innovative yet functional make-up, mixing different technologies in an aesthetically pleasing, utilitarian manner. 


BIJIJOO Artistic Process

Michael Todd Horne (@bijijoo on Instagram) is an experimental artist based in Oregon who uses both digital and traditional techniques to create grotesque exaggerations of life, monstrous cartoons and vanitas. To achieve their distinct style, multiple layers of differing materials are layered onto the canvas, with sections of the piece being stripped away to reveal the layers underneath, giving each piece it's own unique appearance and texture.


Sneaker Tattoo

Manchester based tattoo artist Dean Gunther (@dean.gunther on Instagram) went viral this past week thanks to an uncommon tattoo request he received from a client: shoes. In the caption of the reel they shared, Gunther stated that their client was "tired of paying for shoes every few months, so he got his favourite Nike shoes tattooed on for life."


NASA Releases Sharpest Images of Distant Universe

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope captured the deepest and sharpest images of the distant universe so far. Thousands of galaxies were pictured that have never been visible before due to areas of star birth, and countless stars forming and dying. This image shows a galaxy cluster as it appeared 4.6 billion years ago, with many more galaxies in front and behind the main cluster.


MSCHF Eat The Rich Popsicles

Inspired by Good Humor-Breyers Popsicles, New York art collective MSCHF released five limited edition ice-cream popsicles featuring the world's most famous billionaires. Making reference to the "eat the rich" political slogan, the group have sent out ice-cream trucks selling the treat in New York and Los Angeles, being available for purchase for $10 each.