Mushroom Music

Connecting electrodes and synthesisers to plants to measure their bioelectrical energy, former biologist and now self-titled plant musician Tarun Nayar (@taruntspoon on Instagram) has carved a niche for himself within the music sphere by creating relaxing soundscapes from mushrooms. The fungi's changes in bioelectrical energy trigger note changes in the synthesiser, allowing Nayar to capture an array of tunes.


RTFKT x Nike AR Hoodie

Originally revealed back in April, this week marks the official launch of the AR Genesis Hoodie by RTFKT and Nike. Issued as an NFT, the hoodie will be able to be worn for both Clone X avatars and real-life holders, similarly to Nike's earlier venture into the metaverse with their CryptoKicks project. Additionally to the hoodie, through the use of trackers and QR codes, buyers will be able to add virtual wings to the garment, as seen in the post below.


Kyle 3D Animation

Artist and designer Kyle (@y2_kyle on Instagram) collaborated with Japanese singer-songwriter Mega Shinnosuke for their latest music release 'Make You Happy', featuring who28. The looping animated lyric video was inspired by Mega Sinnosuke's love of second hand stores and the unique items that can be found there, especially old pixellated game designs.


Replacing Car Parts with Nintendo Wii Pieces

Tyler Atkin (@ttptng on TikTok) has been going viral for seemingly months at this point all thanks to their unorthodox car alterations they have been making. Documenting the process on TikTok, currently they have switched out their steering wheel for the Mario Kart Wii one, their gearstick for a Wii Nunchuck, hand-break for a Wii Sports Baseball Bat, and their floor-mat with a Wii Yoga Mat.


Drone Basketball

Referring to himself as the SkySurfer, daredevil and mechanical engineer Hunter Kowald (@hunterkowald on Instagram) has been known for a while around New York City for getting around the streets surfing his drone. A video of Kowlad going for a shot with a basketball made the rounds online this week from an unforeseen crash landing, with parts of the drone being sent across the court.


Giant Arc'teryx Jacket

Dubbed as only being useful for two people dressed as one when trying to sneak into the cinema by a commenter, a video of digital creator and digital marketer Emely Nunez (@emelyynunezz on Instagram) trying on the seemingly largest Arc'teryx ever made. With fully functional zips and pockets, the multicoloured jacket just manages to hang onto Nunez's body when walking around.


Stefano Colferai Animation

Originally coming from an illustration background, Stefano Colferai (@stefanocolferai on Instagram) taught himself 3D animation and sculpture techniques to recreate pop-culture icons in his own signature style. Stefano constantly adapts to the changing landscape of art and the internet, and how the two can work together, in order to keep their projects fresh, continually growing their skills.