Neo-soul artist Billy Davis co-creates gaming, music & internet culture brand ‘DIS’ with esports org co-founder, Sam Peckett.

Melbourne-based neo-soul artist Billy Davis has partnered with streamer and gaming org founder Sam Peckett (known as ‘Peckett’) to form ‘DIS’, a gaming, culture and apparel brand. After connecting in 2021 via a shared love of gaming, music and fashion, the two have since launched an apparel store and two original series on YouTube under the DIS umbrella. 

What is DIS?

The DIS brand was dreamt up by Billy and Peckett back in 2021. The world was getting pretty heavy, and they needed a space to tap out from reality. Both raised by the internet, they wanted to connect their love of gaming with their passions for style, art and music. DIS was born from the cracks in a world gone mad.

DIS produces gaming, music and culture-driven content that showcases world-renowned artists and creators. Two shows have been developed so far; DIS-Lab, a weekly YouTube variety show, and DIS-Tracks, a weekly sample flipping competition on Twitch and YouTube.

DIS-Tracks is a LIVE beat battle hosted by Billy Davis weekly on Twitch. Up to 32 producers compete at a time, and they have 2 hours to flip a sample chosen by a guest judge. The winner of this beat battle must face off against the guest judge for a major prize. DIS-Tracks debuted on Twitch in January and YouTube in April, so far having attracted world-renowned artists like MXXWLL, Mr Carmack, J3PO and Kaelin Ellis as guest judges.

DIS-Lab is a YouTube variety and talk show that debuted on May 17th with guest star DJ Spell. Billy and Peckett react to niche culture content and engage in a series of off-kilter segments with that week’s guest. Episodes will feature prominent figures in the gaming, fashion and music spaces like Crayator, Beluga and Pania


About Billy 

Billy Davis is most known as a Melbourne-based music producer, artist and director - working with world-renowned artists like BROCKHAMPTON, Tones & I, PJ Morton, Denzel Curry and Amy Shark. More recently, Billy Davis has broken into the gaming space - regularly streaming Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay on Twitch. 

About Peckett

Peckett has been involved in the gaming content space for over a decade, creating content for brands like Machinima and his own personal channels. Peckett co-founded esports org, ORDER and developed apparel for Misfits Management Group. 

Billy met Peckett through ORDER and realised a need for a lifestyle-oriented gaming and culture brand based in Australia. 

More from Billy & Peckett

On the creation of DIS, Billy said: “Two years ago I lost my mama, and a year later lost the biggest musical tour of my life and got thrust into covid lockdown. I played a game called  Warzone for a year and made friends with a community while I was at my lowest of lows."

"That’s when I met Peckett. Turns out we were both into fashion too, so that’s when the seeds were planted. Peckett and I eventually partnered up to co-found the DIS brand. A way for people to tap out of reality. We’re connecting both of our worlds. I’m bringing in my fashion and music friends into this world where they can connect with arts and gaming too.”

On meeting Billy, Peckett said: “Me and some friends originally founded ORDER and I met Billy through that connection. The first thing created (and it’s what completely sold me on this idea) was the flower logo. It reminded me of the fun we had first developing ORDER all those years ago. Dazey is a chilled, cheeky, creator. Dazey can be a bit of a trouble maker, but will always support those who follow their passions.” 

About their latest show, DIS-lab, Billy said: “Peck and I sitting down at a table, getting random guests who have to endure whatever comes out of our brains. Who knows what it could be? Could be absolutely ridiculous, but it will always be a good time.”

Peckett added: “We both bring different kinds of people together to discuss a world gone mad and react to things or complete activities catered completely for the guest. It’s a really fun project that everyone at DIS has their hand in, and I think it’s a good way to showcase what the team can do.” 

The two say that this is just the beginning for DIS - and they have big plans for more content and apparel in the future. 

DIS-Lab episodes are released every Wednesday on the DIS YouTube channel, and DIS-Tracks episodes are released to YouTube every Friday. 

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